NYC: TelX vs. Telehouse


Looking for people who have used both and can offer some comparisons. I'm
somewhat familiar with Telehouse's plusses and minuses. TelX also claims
that they will have a service soon that will link both locations, but I'm
not sure exactly what that means; a link to NYIIX?

I'm mainly curious about the variety of transit providers (both seem a bit
slim), how hard it is to get sublet customers in, and the reliability of

We're currently at Level3, and their x-connect fees are making a number of
projects too expensive.

I can summarize offlist replies if that's preferred.



Hello all,

I think I've given everyone enough time to chime in on this one. I only
got a handful of replies, and they are mostly in favor of Telehouse.

I also heard from a Telehouse rep, who states that there is a project in
progress to connect NYIIX to TelX. No details yet. I don't think there's
any TelX people on this list.

The company I'm working for (not, btw, that's just my email
address) that is looking to leave L3 is small. One person noted that
Telehouse has "every Tier 2 provider in NYC", and I find that small
companies work better with other small companies. To Level3, we are a
complete nobody. Smaller guys like NAC that are at Thouse are much easier
to work with, IMHO.

Since there were not too many replies, here's a summarized version of the
responses. If anyone has anything to add, I'd love to hear it.

Thanks very much to all of those that replied, I appreciate your input.