NYC recovery: vendor assistance

This is more systems than networking, but I thought I'd throw
it out to see if we can get info on other vendors.

Sun has apparently decided that they will ship replacement systems
to any NYC customer who lost their infrastructure in the attacks
on Tuesday without waiting for paperwork, POs, etc. Reputedly word
from On High (Ed Zander). There are still some shipping delays,
but they're working with the military transport program on real
priority shipments via SunFed.

If anyone (or given this list, anyone's customers) lost Sun systems
and are having problems procuring replacements, try contacting Sun's
sales force in NYC rather than VARs etc. and ask about that program.
I don't have clear details on what hoops people are having to jump
through but Sun is apparently trying to be as cooperative and proactive
as possible once they know someone needs gear.

I suspect other vendors are doing much the same; some posts from
anyone aware of the status there would be useful, if anyone knows.

-george william herbert