NX-OS as LSR router

Dear Nanog'er,

Anybody using NX-OS on MPLS LSR and/or Edge-LSR ?

We are evaluating the replacement of 7600 LSR routers. Our natural carrier/ISP choice would go for XR everywhere, but we are also curious about NX-OS on the core.

Why not NX-OS for LSR and XR for Edge-LSR ?


related to the discussion about IGP choice, I had a quick look and found that NX-OS ISIS for IPv6 support is quiet recent. Was not supported on 5.x, but it supported on 7.x (2015).

This might explain why not so many ISP use NX-OS.

There are ISP using NX-OS...just in the DC where it belongs (since the Nexus platform is designed for the data center). I don't think it has anything to do with IS-IS support though (although it may help sway some people now).

Don't expect your money back from Cisco if you use a data centre switch
as a service provider core router.