"NTP Foundation" Harlan Stenn + Hackathon Begins Tomorrow!

Stenn Takes NANOG 86 Keynote Stage!
Tech Pioneer to Talk about “NTP” + the Importance of Timekeeping in Tech.

Join us as we welcome Network Time Protocol (NTP) + Network Time Foundation, Harlan Stenn to the NANOG 86 Keynote stage!

Me, NTP, The NTP Project, and Network Time Foundation - How We Got Here: Welcome to my Hallucination.

History of the Network Time Foundation:
From the earliest days of human history, people have had a close relationship with time…

Computers aren’t intelligent; they keep poor time. So how do global networks track when a transaction happened and the nanoseconds that make up a timestamp count? Learn More.


The Engineer Approved List for Sightseeing in Hollywood
A Technologist’s Fool-Proof Guide to Having a Good Time

When not watching groundbreaking talks or connecting with industry heroes at NANOG 86, why not do some California dreamin’ of your own?

  1. Our list kicks off with La Brea Tar Pits Natural Science Museum. For those brave souls itching (or crawling) to get into the spirit of the Halloween season, a Spider Pavilion is currently being offered. An “open air experience” amongst all types of spiders and their webs is promised.


Hackathon will Kick Off Tomorrow!
Hackathon Intro + Welcome will Begin Virtually

Don’t miss your opportunity to network with incredible industry professionals + students who share your passion for coding!

On Friday, 07 Oct, we will hold the Hackathon welcome, introduction, infrastructure tutorial, idea-pitching, and team-forming session over Zoom.

***Registration is required.