NSI policy on lame delegations

If I'm not mistaken, most ALL of us are running multiple name servers. Two
at the very least. The above has no positive effect since it will require
that you submit a domain modify to point the domain at HUMUNGO server once
you load the zone to it. Even if "small" name server has the real record
and is live with it, if humungo is the primary server listed in the NIC
record, it is going to end up as a lame delegation until the zone loads.

At the MOST, it is going to take 24 hours for the server to load the zone
with a simple HUP from cron every 24 hours. Register a domain and get
confirmation on it, put the zone entry in named.conf/named.boot on your
primary and secondary servers. The next HUP, the server loads the zone.
It has worked for us thus far. It also prevents you from poisoning your
name servers, unintentional as it may be, by telling them they are
authoritative for a zone before it is confirmed by NSI. Remember people,
sending in the template does NOT mean that the domain registration will go
through. If it doesn't and the domain is awarded to some other individual,
your servers will certainly NOT have the proper information for A records
in the zone.

I hardly think that NSI,or any other NIC wants us speculating on whether or
not we will be awarded the domain, no matter how good the odds are. Your
servers aren't authoritative until you get the confirmation email. That
still gives you generally 8-10 hours before the root zone is updated and
any lame delegations would cause any confusion.