NSI is not the InterNIC

To help confirm that the InterNIC and NSI are not the same
and that a new management team is running NSI...

November 1, 1996...[1]
  "Gabe Battista officially became the new CEO for NSI"

November 12, 1996...[2]
  According to the IAHC, Dr. Don Telage is the President of NSI
  and "Network Solutions will participate and support this effort
  enthusiastically"...is that what happened...?

January 1997...[3]
  According to ARIN, "Donald N. Telage, Ph.D, President
  and Chief Operating Officer at Network Solutions Inc....
  has become active in the governance community of the
  Internet.."...where ?

February 1997...[4]
  According to the redesigned NSI web site..http://www.netsol.com
  "Don Telage, Senior VP Internet Relations and Special Projects"
  is one of the contact people, other InterNIC people are not

March 11, 1997...
  "Network Solutions and Leading ISPs Launch Premier
  Domain Registration Service Program"
  "CompuServe, DIGEX, Earthlink, iServer, MCI, MindSpring,
  Netcom Interactive, Rapidsite, SuperNet, Inc. and TIAC
  have all signed agreements with Network Solutions"

March 24, 1997...[5]
  According to Kim Hubbard of the InterNIC (kimh@internic.net)
  "As for the status of ARIN, there are still a few issues that will
  need to be resolved before we can proceed. These are political/
  financial issues between NSF and NSI."