NSI Bulletin 098-010 | Update on Whois

My rwhois script has been fixed and updated. The connection
problem seems to be that one of the rwhois servers the Internic runs
is down, but still in DNS. I have hard coded the working server for

  I added a link on the "host" output information to search for
all the domains for which the host is a namesever. This is similar
to the whois "SERVER <handle>" that so many people like. I have
received several queries about this to know if you can get more than
256 hosts from rwhois (the limit with whois). The answer is, maybe.
The internic servers have an upper limit of 50 objects on rwhois
querys. You can, however run your own rwhois server and set the
limit arbitrarily high, allowing someone to do this.

  I am attempting to setup a server to do this now, but I can't
for the life of me figure out how to "mirror" the data from the
Internic, or even what I need to mirror to make it happen. If someone
can help me set up such a thing I'll offer (on a test basis anyway)
the ability to do queries much larger than 256 hosts.

  The script can be seen in action at:
  You can download it at:

  And, as before if you run it from the command line it produces
output much like "whois".