NSI Bulletin 098-006 | InterNIC Power Outage

In the continuing process to upgrade facilities, the
InterNIC will be patching in an auixllary backup power
supply resulting in a loss of power to non-essential
services at the InterNIC. The outage will begin at 12am
EST and should end at 3am EST on March 21, 1998.

The following services will stay up during the outage
- All Root Zones
- All RS Services except for the Online Payment Server(OLPS)
- All Ticketing Services
- Network Solutions, Inc homepage located at www.netsol.com

All other services will be down including all WorldNIC
Services located at www.worldnic.com

Any changes to this plan will appear at the WorldNIC web
site located at www.worldnic.com while services are down.

Thanks for your patience.

David Holtzman