NSI Bulletin 098-003 | ARIN Announcement

Effective immediately, information about networks,
autonomous system numbers, and inverse addressing
records will only be available from ARIN's Whois
servers via telnet at WHOIS.ARIN.NET. The Whois
database managed for the InterNIC by Network Solutions
will no longer be the authoritative source for IP numbers,
autonomous system numbers and inverse addressing

On December 22, 1997 the American Registry for
Internet Numbers (ARIN) assumed responsibility for IP address
allocation and network registration functions previously
performed by the InterNIC. As part of the process to separate
ARIN from the InterNIC, services related to IP address
allocations, autonomous system numbers and inverse addressing
are no longer available from InterNIC Registration
Services. Changes and updates to these records
need to be made by contacting ARIN via e-mail
at hostmaster@arin.net.

NOTE: the WHOIS database maintained by InterNIC
Registration Services (Network Solutions, Inc.) will
remain as the authoritative source for .COM, .NET,
.ORG and .EDU domain name information. In some cases,
such as updates to host records, it may be necessary
to file an update request with the InterNIC and also
ARIN. For example the IP address of a host record
may need to be updated with InterNIC Registration
Services and a request may need to be made to update
the inverse addressing records maintained by ARIN.

Information about Network Solutions, Inc is available
at http://www.netsol.com. Information about ARIN
is available at http://www.arin.net.