NSI bulletin 097-005 | Reissuing deleted domain names

Effective immediately, Network Solutions will reinstitute deletion of
unpaid domain names.

Hmm. Does this mean immediate deletion? As in, no ON-HOLD period? Is
this wise, considering the many bookkeeping foul-ups that have caused
domains to go mistakenly ON-HOLD? I know of at least 2 or maybe 3 of our
customers that have had this happen to them recently.

If there is no on-hold timeperiod, then NSI must at least grant the domain
"back" to the original holder, if someone were to have grabbed it during
its incorrect deletion...

Or am I misunderstanding the procedures?

Those that think this is inappropriate material for this list (at least a
clarification of NSI's actions, maybe a full-blown discussion is too much
:wink: should reconsider.


I think that what David's saying is that the temporary halt
  of all deletions is over, and things are now back to normal.

  Whether that "normal" is good or bad is a flamewar for some
  other list. *grin*