NSI and competition to RIPE and APNIC

randy@psg.com (Randy Bush) wrote:

who in ops cares? please keep the sicko domain name messes on other lists.
the infrastructure will run no matter what you call the interfaces.

I think ops people pay too little attention do the domain name mess
(and other higher-than level 3 messes). The mess is precisely due
to the fact that the development was allowed to be hijacked by a
band of idiots and demagogues. Compare that to the development
of classless routing and the renumbering issue -- there the same
induhviduals faced quite strong opposition from ops people and so
the right thing was accomplished.

I have nothing against keeping the sicko politikos waving their dicks
in public to see whose's bigger out of NANOG list. But i think
the issue of domain service in US is entirely within scope of
interests of ISPs and other northern american network operators.
Users _do not_ care about OSI levels. Broken domain registration
_is_ an operational issue. And it is not the first time the activities
of network operators have legal repercussions.

My crystal ball says that in the end it will be ISPs who will be
cleaning up the domain mess. They're the only people out there
who have serious vested interests in keeping Internet running.


PS And don't start me ranting on application-level stuff.
  In most areas it's worse than sicko domain name mess.