NSI and competition to RIPE and APNIC

It appears NSI is establishing franchises throughout the world and the
franchisees get commissions on domains and IP nets handed out.

And what justification do you have for this rumor? Or is it more black

I just spoke to a franchisee who gave me all the information listed. He
says NSI has something known as "levels" and he is known as a Level II
franchisee (total of 3 levels - with small local ISPs being level III).
He did not know who the other franchisees are but did say he saw
something in the paper about one being set up in UK and in Switzerland.

To allocate IP space?

So said the franchisee to me by phone.

Well, since we can be fairly confident that part is false, we should be very
suspicious of the rest, eh?

He is a new IBM customer in Israel and has no reason to be pulling my leg.
I figure in a few weeks time it will become clearer.

Cool. Then maybe we should wait until then to start the rumors, paranoia,
FUD, etc.