NSI again removes services

Wow, this looks like the SRI-era VOID database query result. The
impname and tacreq, in particular, look like they did back in the days
when SRI was still doing tac cards out of the same database as whois.
(TAC cards had user names and passwords which gave dial-up access to a
pool of terminal access controllers run by DCA)

Ken Harrenstein wrote VOID to serve as the whois database for the
SRI-NIC and it had some useful bits that never made it in to later
implementations. I've always suspected that this was the influence of
augment, one of Doug Engelbart's data storage brainstorms (for the
TOPS 2065 platform). One of the useful bits was that you could
specify query type by sort algorithm as well as by key. So you got
wierd search commands like "li fi boo htype=h and netname=sri-net".
(That specified a last in, first out boolean query, which was the most
common type.)

Sorry if the nostalgia break is off topic for you,

          Ted Hardie

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