NSFNET/ANSnet Questionaire

1. Name of Your Network: CONCERT

2. The AS number(s) of your Network: 81

3. Routing information currently imported from NSFNET/ANSnet:

  a) default only

4. If you import explicit routes from NSFNET/ANSnet, is it a requirement
   for your routing design (y/n)? N/A

5. When NSFNET/ANSnet becomes CIDR capable, do you expect to be able to
   peer via BGP4 and accept CIDR aggregates? No

   if no:
  a) Can you generate or accept a default route that points to
     NSFNET/ANSnet? (y/n) Yes
        b) When do you expect to peer with the NSFNET/ANSnet via
           BGP4? (qt/yr or never) 2/94

6. If you can not generate or accept a default route that points
   to NSFNET/ANSnet, can you suggest an alternate routing plan? N/A

7. Do you expect NSFNET/ANSnet to do proxy aggregation for any explicit
   routes that you announce? No

8. Do you still expect to use EGP protocol to peer with NSFNET/ANSnet? No

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