NSF.gov Unavailable

Um, down for everyone reports it as down for everyone.

Any news as to what may be causing it?

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I think they had a fire in the building.



lightning strike -> electrical fire


NSF Building Evacuated in Ballston After Apparent Lightning Strike | ARLnow.com

lightning strike -> electrical fire


At the science foundation. Nature has a sense of irony.

The real irony is that the folks who brought you the NSFnet apparently
didn't get the memo vis-a-vis geographic diversity in one's secondary
nameservers (rfc 2182 et al). Always good for a few yuks when
ill-mannered MTAs start getting unhappy and dropping mail on the floor
rather than queueing because they can't resolve the name rather than
can't can't connect to the destination (which just about everyone
handles fairly well).

nsf.gov. 86400 IN NS swirl.nsf.gov.
nsf.gov. 86400 IN NS TWISTER.nsf.gov.
nsf.gov. 86400 IN NS WHIRL.nsf.gov.
;; Received 139 bytes from in 70 ms

dig: couldn't get address for 'WHIRL.nsf.gov': not found

This happened to the University of Eastern Kentucky a couple of years
back during the floods there, and I'm sure it happens to other
lower-profile sites on a daily basis. I think there is a lesson in
here for the community.

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