NSA wiretap leads to arrest

Operational as far as service provider capability to assist lawful
interception of networks. Previous NANOG meetings have dealt with
the topic. There are several other forums for related comments.


  Citing anonymous sources in the British intelligence community, The
  Sunday Times reported that an e-mail message intercepted by NSA spies
  precipitated a massive investigation by intelligence officials in
  several countries that culminated in the arrest of nine men in Britain
  and one in suburban Orleans, Ont. -- 24-year-old software developer
  Mohammed Momin Khawaja, who has since been charged with facilitating a
  terrorist act and being part of a terrorist group.

  The Orleans arrest is considered an operational milestone for this vast
  electronic eavesdropping network and its operators. But Dave Farber, an
  Internet pioneer and computer-science professor at Carnegie-Mellon
  University in Pittsburgh, said the circumstances are also notable
  because it will be the first time that routine U.S. monitoring of
  e-mail traffic has led to an arrest.