NSA and the exchanges

Anyone knows if there's a way to find out how involved NSA monitors 151 front street at Toronto? NSA allegedly monitors data centres in the US, but does it have the same influence at a building sitting in its neighbor's soil?

There's something on the web like www.ixmaps.ca that tries to piece it together. but not sure how helpful the information on there really is?

feedback welcome.

If your talking "the NSA" I doubt anyone would tell you. That being
said: it would mean the US gov't breaking Canadian law I suspect. Now
in Canada it is quite possible that the Canadian Fed gov't monitors
traffic but I would also say no one would tell you because telling you
would also be in violation in wiretap laws.

Best advice, assume they do and hope they don't. :slight_smile:


Allegedly? No, definately.




I'd assume the NSA and CSIS would be talking as needed.

Whether CSIS is actually monitoring in there is another question. I'd
assume yes, but have never heard anything to confirm or deny.

No Such Agency.



Let me recommend the IXmaps project. It is documenting the very question you are asking :slight_smile:


IXmaps is an interactive tool that enables internet users and researchers to study the route(s) that data packets take across North America, with 'interesting' sites highlighted along the way. It is currently under development. It has been supported by a research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada's Image, Text, Sound and Technology program.

IXmaps is affiliated with the New Transparency Project and the Information Policy Research Program at theFaculty of Information, University of Toronto.



I'd assume the NSA and CSIS would be talking as needed.

Communications Security Establishment to NSA, but point taken.

And don't forget about the NSA's "Operation Backhoe". What more convenient way of installing a tap than cutting the fibre, then installing a passive tap while repairs are in progress ...

That would be the CSE, not CSIS ...