Now comes the news.

There are already 2 articles on the net about it,4,10083,00.html?latest

and I am sure there are more to come. It seems too easy for one person/company
to bring down the net. Yes, we all agree it was some kind of accident, one
that wasn't supposed to happen BUT I have to ask, where were all the network
people that should have caught this before it hit the internet full force.

Yes, there is talk about having the RAs setup and to prevent this type of
thing, but not much else. We put our stuff in the RA when we remember to but I
don't think that many people look much at them anyways.

Hopefully next time this can be stopped before long, like maybe within 10 - 20
mins. Maybe it is time for all companies, even the smaller ones, or those that
use BGP to have and really USE a 24 hour noc. Where there are people there
that really know about routers and BGP. Maybe as the internet grows, those
making it grow need a more active role. Sorry, Voice mail doesn't cut it, or a
busy number when the internet comes down....