Novartis and Qwest AS209

All, I haven¹t posted something to Nanog in probably 10 years so forgive my
ignorance on protocol. I am sure this has been posted about but while I
figure out how to search the archivesŠ.

I see Ripe DB, Maxmind and many others have AS209 associated with the
company Novartis. Did I miss something because ARIN whois shows it
different. If this is wrong, it seems the source of the error is

aut-num: AS209

as-name: ASN-QWEST-US
admin-c: NOVN1-RIPE
tech-c: NOVN2-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered


guessing that 209 registered some objects on behalf of novartis/customer?
novartis isn't qwest who's now centurylink anyway.

Thanks Chris. That is what I assumed as well. Some automatic route object
registration went awry. Was hoping someone from Qwest/CenturyLink would
jump in and fix it as many of the GEOIP databases automated tools use
descr field.

No further comment required. It was just peeving me a bit so figured I
would send something out on it.