NOTICE: mass-media event expected Sep 11, 1998

It might be nice if Sean could post a small after-action report.

What did he do in advance?
Lessons learned?
How big a bump WAS it?

...after he catches up on his sleep, of course...

Sleep? What's that?

The post-mortum will be submitted to the customer. I'd like to see
the reports MCI submits to the House and GTEI submits to GPO, or
even PSI submits to the White house. But I guess that will be up
to those customers what is done with the reports.

On the other hand, several of my other users (DRA has several hundred other
libraries on net besides LOC) reported it was a wonderful day to use
the network. They were able to reach non-news sites with ease all day.
I can't do the typical backbone thing and say we had zero packet loss,
but it was remarkably low (< 1%). As you moved away from 'ground-zero'
the effects dropped off very quickly. Essentially people one or two
hops away didn't notice a thing, except when trying to get the Starr

I would like to thank everyone who either offered, or provided assistance.
For those that offered, and didn't receive a response, your offers were
seen. The Rules those involved were operating under and time pressure
meant some offers couldn't be accepted at the time. Government webmasters
can't do some things a commercial company could do.

It was amazing though, the Internet providers I was paying money gave
the least amount of assistance. They didn't even respond to mail messages
sent to their NOCs. One severly clueless salesperson paged in the middle
of this to offer me Rams football tickets. Not even the reporters calling
were stupid enough to have me paged yesterday. Hint, if you are giving
away tickets in St. Louis, try Cardinals baseball tickets, left field.

WorldCom and AOL receive special thanks for assistance above and beyond.