Notice - Communitech (AS12077) gone from AADS NAP

I sent this email out to all our peers at AADS that I had contact
information for, but I thought I would send out this (belated,) notice to
NANOG, in case I missed anyone.

I am the peering coordinator for, AS12077. I regret to
inform you we have shut down peering at AADS effective Friday April 11,
2003. I also apoligise for the delay in sending this email, as I was away
from the office when the Atlanta NOC shut down our peering.

Our IP at the AADS NAP is
VPI/VCI: 2/44 was purchased by on February 8th, 2002. The
decision was made in January of this year to migrate all of Communitech's
servers to Interland's facility in Atlanta to consolidate and reduce costs.
Most of the IP range has already been moved to Atlanta, except
for some leased line and colo customers and a couple of dedicated customers.
The move will be complete at the end of May.

We are actively looking for someone to take over the leased line and
colocation customers in the Kansas City area, or else find an alternate
facility to place them in until we do find someone to take over that part of
Communitech's business.

Randy Rostie
Network Operations
CommuniTech.Net, Inc.