Not a representative of but their emails are being blocked by those who subscribe to the SORBS RBL.

Does anyone have information on why this is, and if you represent SORBS and/or GMX and/or both, would you please trouble yourself with contacting me off-list?

You can find out why an IP was listed via their lookup facility:

You can request de-listing by opening a support request:

You don't need to be an IP block owner to request de-listing but you do need to be empowered to stop whatever caused the listing in the first place. Their support is very responsive.


Ken O'Driscoll / We Monitor Email
t: +353 1 254 9400 | w:

I tend to scratch my head at anyone still using SORBS at this point.

Sorbs is a pretty good list. And I've been on the listed-side too. I personally would not use it to block, but I would give it 3 of the 5 points.

The anti-spam gang is never going to be perfect. But since (self)regulation is not working, we need them. I value them at the moment. The only thing you can do about it, is figuring a way to solve this security issue (called spam).

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