NorthStar IP Management System

Hello all,

It has been a while since I posted anything to NANOG. A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away :wink: ) I wrote and maintained a software package called NorthStar ( to administrate IP space and various other things. Life got busy and the project fell off my list of priorities.

Long story short I am looking to see if anyone is still using NorthStar? Would people like to see development start up again?

Nice to hear from you... we use it every day still :wink:

I will admit that we are looking to move to a new system very shortly -
biggest reason is IPv6 support. There are other reasons but that is the
largest missing feature for us by a long shot...

Hope this helps..


I looked at NorthStar about 5 years ago, but due to its lack of support I
chose to use IPPlan instead. I do remember thinking NorthStar would have
been a great solution had you been actively maintaining it, and maybe it
still will -- should you decide to pick it back up.

I would definitely give it another look as an alternative to IPPlan, so keep
us posted.

-- Eric Cables

I'm certainly looking at ditching ipplan for something with ipv6
support. The spreadsheet method only goes so far.


It's nice to hear that people are still either using or interested in
software like NorthStar. I think that the consensus so far is proper
support for IPv6. Luckily the code in NorthStar was written with this in
mind so I don't think adding support will be a huge undertaking. I will be
starting up the devel and user lists again and will post when they are up.

In the mean time are there any other features that people would like to see