Northern VA - Its not a worm, just Mother Nature

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From: Sean Donelan <>
Subject: Its not a worm, just Mother Nature

Yesterday, Chicago and the midwest was hit by severe thunderstorms.
Power was disrupted in several cities, and even now at least one
provider still recovering somewhere in the Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland
area. Today, Florida is getting hit with a tropical storm. A couple
of providers seem to have a few connectivity problems.

It seems that Nextel/Motorola and Verizon are having troubles in various
parts of Northern VA. I just got off phone with Nextel and Verizon, and
seems that there have been power outages or generator failures, and some
of their equipment, picking up the flack, is overloaded. Verizon and
Motorola were dispatched to Reston, where there were some RF errors on the
Nextel switches.

Maybe someone on the list can verify or negate these reports from Nextel.

I don't mean to imply that this Friday afternoon, Northern-VA outage is
directly related to the Florida hurricane, but -- certainly -- the heat,
humidity, and overwhelming use of air-conditioners can be considered
climactic fallout.


Systems Administrator,

Florida hurricane?

Unless Barry's strengthened a LOT in the past few hours (and NHC says he hasn't), he's not a hurricane... barely a tropical storm.

Sure, he's dumping rain across parts of FL... but let's not get the cart before the horse.