North America not interested in IP V6

We've been running 12.2(n)T for the past two years, always with both IPv4 multicast and IPv6 turned on. v6 support has always been good. We had problems early on with multicast bugs, including some that seemed to have been reintroduced into that train, but those have been squashed. And recent versions have improved v6 performance, at least on the 72xx and 75xx platforms (I haven't tested anything else).

Our current standard version is 12.2(15)T5 and we have no outstanding issues with it. Our customers who use v6 are running T train and 12.3(1) on 75xx/72xx, and 12.0 S train on 12xxx. They all run v4 multicast as well. I've a test router on 12.3(1a) and it seems OK, but no extensive testing yet.

BTW, we're an R&E network, not a commercial ISP, so we have different goals and different operational requirements. . .