NOOP: IP Management tools

This is a non-opperational post, again forgive me :wink:

I had lots (40+) of requests for the IP Management tools I said I
had written.

The SQL based Tree program is available at

There are two versions there, the first version uses MySQL
and is command line driven. The second version uses Oracle and
the free Oracle JDBC driver, it also uses RMI, so if you want to
port it to another Database all you have to do is re-write the server
and the client remains the same. The main reason I'm using RMI is so
I can write a GUI interface for this that doesn't have Database dependant

Please, this isn't prduction level stuff (yet!) but so many folks
requested that I send "just whatever I've got" I thought I would.

I'll set up a list for the continued development of this and some more
interesting tools so I won't keep filling NANOG with the oh so
unproductive posts. I'll have a web page explaining these and more
tools up in a couple of daze, it will be at

I'll finish the GUI for this and the DNS application (not-yet-published)
after the Munich IETF meeting. Oh, I'm not ever gona charge for these
things, as they are GPLed :wink: If you have questions drop a note to