NOOP and Terremark

1) Thank you all for responses in private re my 80Gbps thread - It's clear
that we all still consider open discussions on things like this to be
something to be kept to a small vetted community.

2) Surprised to see no threads on Terremark's epic fail w/r/t Fed-Cloud and News articles are of zero help since reporters have -no-
idea what the truth is and will believe anything fed to them by tech types
to get an article posted; Still curious about the actual RFO...


It's not clear to me at all.

Real-time discussions of specific events in order to coordinate response, sure - it's important to limit those communications to the groups/individuals who can do something useful to help in real time.

General discussion of attack characteristics, defensive tactics, etc., absolutely not - they must be shouted from the rooftops.

I'm sorry, I should have phrased differently.

I meant: By the number of responses I've received that have been told to me
"in private," or with a "this is not public info,"...

While I certainly would not violate those restraints I do agree with you.