[NOOP] 24x7 NOC..

Jamie Rishaw & The Group,

Scott and several others bring some important issues to the table. Among other things, you will have to base your decision on your controllers' level of experience, coverage during peak periods, number of personnel, and trying to avoid long hours (burnout).

At SAVVIS, I have been able to meet these challenges with 9 controllers in a 24x7 Network Control Center. I am very fortunate to have exceptional people. They are a mature group and collectively span a wide range of experience. Also, the support given to me by the "World Class" group of SAVVIS engineers enables us tremendous flexibility.

We have implemented a five day work week of 8 hour days. It consists of 3 people on permanent shifts. The shifts run from 0700 - 1500, 1500 - 2300, and 2300 - 0700 respectively. Since each shift operates in a similar fashion, so let me describe one of them in more detail.

Person 1 works Monday through Friday. Person 2 works Tuesday through Saturday. Person 3 works Sunday through Thursday. This provides for two people covering Monday through Friday and negates the same person from having to work both weekend days.

Additionally, to allow everyone the opportunity of working the Monday through Friday shift, we move at six week intervals. When moving, person 1 moves to person 3, person 2 moves to person 1, and person 3 moves to person 2. The effect is 5 days on, 1 off, then five days on for two of the movers and a 4 day weekend for the other. Effectively, a person loses a day off during two moves which is always made up in the form of a 4 day weekend on the third move.

Even more incentive is provided by allowing my later shifts first crack at day shift openings as they present themselves. I try to only fill the later shifts with people intended for that requirement.

Good luck in sorting things out, the NANOG group has been a terrific source of information and discussion for me, and I hope I've provided some additional ideas,



Joseph B. Kawa
Senior Consultant, Manager,
SAVVIS Network Control Center