Non-Routing BGP Speakers

RFC 1771 says in part:
   The hosts executing the Border Gateway Protocol need not be routers.
   A non-routing host could exchange routing information with routers
   via EGP or even an interior routing protocol. That non-routing host
   could then use BGP to exchange routing information with a border
   router in another Autonomous System. The implications and
   applications of this architecture are for further study.

Would anyone be willing to share their experiences with (or thoughts
about) this approach? Given that 64 MB of RAM for routing tables
woudl cost only around $2,000, this seems like a totally sensible way
to build a small, multi-homed AS. Will finding a vendor-supported
system for this be ... difficult? (I'm not exactly sure whether a
BSD box running Cornell GateD counts as "vendor-supported". :wink: