Non-ISP companies multi-homing?

I'm beginning to think there is a market for a device which has 1 Ethernet
port and responds to any RANGE of addresses, so you can scam Internic into
thinking you have 100% utilization of your address space, right off the bat...

Yeah, because the conservation of IP space only helps InterNIC - it doesn't
help you or your customers or anyone else on the Internet. Let's just
use up all the address space....that'll teach the InterNIC!


But there is a certain difficulty experienced by sites who are able to
keep a stable prefix, but their prefix is, say /21 instead of /19. I'm
not saying it's the internic's problem, or that it's
sprint/agis/whomever's problem. I'm just saying that it is a problem for
sites that want reliable, low latency connections to two or three

Oh yeah, and don't suggest the "ask one of your providers to give you a
hole" solution. I've tried that. From my experience the more "special"
requests you make the more likely your link is to be screwed up by human
error at some point.