Non-ISP companies multi-homing?

John J. Buxbaum writes:

You have been told by the State who you have to use as a provider?

If not an outright mandate, the "auxiliary funding" provided to each campus
for information infrastructure upgrades was an offer too good to refuse.

CSUnet/4Cnet is a state-created and funded entity serving public educational
institutions within the state of California.

Quoting from

  In 1984, the California State University (CSU) system established "CSUnet",
  a dedicated data network linking each of the campuses of the CSU. The
  network was created as one of several efforts to meet the increasing
  information technology demands of the University system and its campuses
  throughout the State. CSUnet continually modified and expanded its
  programmatic functions and technical resources to keep current with
  state-of-the-art inter-network services and applications. CSUnet's purpose
  has been to serve the University's academic and administrative mission,
  goals and objectives in ways that exploit centralized and distributed
  information resources.
  The State of California authorized auxiliary funding in the 1996-97 fiscal
  year to the California Community Colleges (CCC) "to assure that each of the
  125 (campus and district office) sites have established necessary
  infrastructure capability for teleconferencing, connections to CSUnet and
  satellite downlink" capabilities.
  In response to this funding allocation, the CSU and CCC have implemented a
  working relationship to create the California State University and Community
  College Network, 4Cnet. The role of 4CNet expands the role of CSUnet to
  the Community College Environment. It is the purpose of 4Cnet to serve the
  academic and administrative mission goals an objectves in ways that exploit
  centralized and distributed information resources for the separate and
  combined California State Universities and Community Colleges.