non-congested comcast peers?

Are there any providers that Comcast doesn't regularly run hot? Seems like
no matter who I deliver through at some magical point in the evening they
start spiking jitter and a little loss. Almost like everyone hits PLAY on
netflix at the same time.


Hi Shacolby

Can you share some mtr results to Netflix, Google, etc ?

Curious to see how bad it is really.

Some datapoints based on ~500mb constant UDP telemetry data feed (total)
spread across many different comcast endpoints.

All Cogent -> Comcast.

Even though there's heavy forward error correction provisioned to
accommodate 5-10% packet loss, it's hardly used. In fact, packet delivery
is incredible impressive to comcast. Loss is well below 0.01% and often
involves another zero in there, too. It's one of the best consumer access
networks I've seen and I give them a huge thumbs up for it.

Needless to say, I can't back up the same stats against some other carriers
(Verizon being the biggest offender, with their congestion being localized
to the ATM/DSLAM level and sometimes very high based on my metrics and
sampling). That's why the FEC is there.

You could try Cogent, AT&T, or Savvis, though they'll probably fill up
now that I've mentioned it.

Drive Slow (like a download going over Comcast-GBLX),
Paul Wall