NOC display software

Just wondering if anyone can recommend Windows software (it could be
Linux too but I might need to create a separate host for that
that enables rotating [on one monitor] several webpages (dashboards)
or windows (application dashboards).
It would be nice if it was freeware or open source but whatever works
best is what I am looking for.
For example, if I wanted one monitor to cycle thru my local SolarWinds
Orion, Office 365 Health Status, and anyother webdashboards.

Install firefox, open tabs for everything you wish to display, install
Tab Slideshow and set it to cycle.

Then just hit F11 and put Firefox into fullscreen mode, works on Win/Mac/Linux.

This pains me to do this

My quick google fu:

Loop {
    Send {Alt down}{Tab down}{Alt up}{Tab up}
    Sleep 60000 ; wait 60 seconds

You may have to switch off 'Tab through recently used windows' [Don't
think this is an issue with XP]


We use a Dell Optiplex that drives 2 rotated FullHD 42 inch TV's.

This gives us effectively a 2k x 4k resolution to work with.

We have written a custom webpage that refreshes divs automatically, it
has a country map and puts the various sites on the map where the outage
is. This is mainly handy for DSL outages.

The left TV is almost entirely a map of the Netherlands with a few
Nagios summaries and refresh counters underneath.

The right TV pane lists the nagios detail and various business processes
as well as open tickets from our ticket system.

We use Chrome in kiosk mode, but Firefox could work too.



This should also work and can be customised however you want:

I did add a test version at just to check
it if you want.


You can do this using Javascript as well...

I use a VBScript that just ALT Tabs to go from screen to screen.

Tab Mix Plus is the one that I use for that.