no whois info ?



  You have an opinion, but I'm unable to detect a basis for that

  Allocations of string-space do not give rise to control over any
  resource other than (conditionally) the string.

  Publication of association(s) between strings and addresses, as
  well as the formation of an association subject to a publication
  policy, involves zero or more parties other than a "registrant",
  and there are several orders of magnitude fewer entities other
  than "registrants" that participate in address association and
  association publication.



  It wouldn't hurt you to read our spec, if only for the nomenclature.
  If you read some EU data directives, so much the better.


  You may want to look at the whois policies of the RIRs and some of the
  ccTLD operators.



  See also
  and rfc3912