NNTP servers

Hi Drew,

# Howdy, if this is off-topic I certainly apologize however I
#believe that running an NNTP server is usually part of a 'network
#operations' sphere of influence.

Dunno about that, but I'll chime in a couple of ideas just because the volumes
of NNTP traffic involved have gotten to the point where the traffic alone is
probably operationally interesting, everything else aside.

#I have a few basic questions. Does anyone
#know off hand how much disk is needed for a fairly respectable NNTP server
#for a full feed?

Daily Usenet volumes are extremely sensitive to decisions with respect to
carrying (or not carrying) even single groups. See, for example
http://www.newsadmin.com/top100bytes.htm which shows that the top half dozen
groups (by bytes posted) had daily volume running:

     Binary Newsgroup Bytes % Total