Nmap to print out the MAC addresses of scanned hosts

Hello There,

maybe Offtopic, but i thought this could be interesting for some of you.

Nmap 3.51-TEST3 is released with some nice new features for local networks.

Nmap now uses the system interface table (as shown by ifconfig) to
determine whether a system is on the same network. A database derived
from the one distributed by the IEEE is then consulted to report the
manufacturer. Here are examples from normal and XML output:

MAC Address: 08:00:20:8F:6B:2F (SUN Microsystems Inc.)
<address addr="00:A0:CC:63:85:4B" vendor="Lite-on Communications, Inc."
addrtype="mac" />

This will maybe helpful for network administrators to track down
problem machines (worm-infected, spammers, etc.) This also helps
track changes on DHCP networks where the IP addresses can change

its still in development but seems to work well.