Any idea whats going on with It seems as if there are no responses from the route server in the old MAE-East and yet there are responses Ashburn and PAIX.

And what ever happened to MAE-Central and MAE-West?

  • Peter

I am not familiar with this tool specifically. However, I can tell you that Allegiance (AS2548) was purchased by XO (AS2828) and is in the process of consolidating the networks. Currently all the external peering to 2548 has been shutdown and the routes originated from 2548 are being heard behind 2828. Between now and the end of the year, 2548 will go away and all of these routes will originate from 2548.

As a part of this project, ALGX will be pulling all of their equipment out of the MAEs as well as Ashburn and the PAIX. Hope this helps.

Justin Ryburn
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