Niksun Probe

There is also the INVEA-TECH Flowmon :
   >> Looking for information on a Niksun probe,
   >> Anyone have any experience, good or bad with them?
   > If you're looking at Niksun, you should look at NetWitness and Solera
   > My perception based on their presence in the market is that Niksun is
   on the way to oblivion, while Solera and NetWitness are the two hot new
   companies in this space. NetWitness seems to be better on the analysis
   side, with sucky capture facilities; Solera seems to be a lot better on
   the capture side of the house, but is less advanced in the analysis.
   > I have also had a briefing from Endace, down in Kiwi-land. They seem
   to think they are the bees knees when it comes to capture, but have a
   ally confused message about where they are trying to go with that data.
    Lots of buzzwords, but I don't think they really understand the
   ons of the problem that they are adding. But if you just want capture,
   Endace might be a good solution.