[NIC-960209.1757] Routing Problem (fwd)

> unaccounted for. If you are talking about swamp, this is it.
> However, a survey for how those chunks of address got broken up into
> many different places perhaps can help in the direction of finding
> such solution. If these small IP pieces can be grouped together
> according to their geographic locations, there is chance that some
> broken chunks may be pieced together to form large enough piece by
> pure luck. If such solution exists, I am sure someone would be
> interested in forming such regional consortiums to help salvage the once lost
> IP addresses.
> SC

  Neat! Garbage collection on the IP address space. The computer
really *is* the network!


  Perhaps you might have received a note from the IPGR robot
  asking if your address space can be reclaimed? If not,
  expect one or more in future.

  More info at NAONG next week and PIER at IETF.