news from Google

: belongs to the US Army

look at AS 666. At least they know their position in the universe.

: IMHO that's where we are heading with google taking over every service imaginable

Well nobody is forcing to use their services ...

For search you can use bing when is not down, for email you can use outlook when
the windoze bootnet is not being used to distribute viruses or
malware, or hotmail
if you want plenty of nice ads directed to fulfill your needs and
preferences, for
video you can still use YouTube, uuuppppsss you right evil Google owns them now,
for maps you can use mapquest if you want to get to a place a mile away where
you intended to go, ohhh but they are owned by one of the
failed-ex-evils, want to
take a quick peak at a book, you can still go to your local library,
what else, ohhh yes
wanna blog ? use wordpress and wait for the poetry to become hacked.

Yes, all eggs in the same basket for some stuff is not a good
approach, but what's
wrong about using services that are relatively nice, regularly
available and being
constantly improved, and free ?

Well, right nothing is free, you are part of their monetization and
world domination
scheme ... bad boy Eric, bad boy ...

Only if you let them. DBS (don't be sheep)

That's 100% right, if you want privacy just don't make yourself public.

I'm more concerned about information that by law is being made public
and available
on-line (like property records in the US) out of my control, or not very easy to


Property records have always been public information in the US, and no
one can "opt out" (well, I suppose you could sell your house). Having
information like this available to the public is important because the
government uses those records to make decisions like property tax
rates. If you were allowed to opt out it would be difficult or
impossible for the public to monitor these government actions. For
example, if you thought that you were being charged more property tax
than you thought you should you could examine the property records for
properties that were comparable to yours and see what they were being
charged. If all of your neighbors had opted out you wouldn't be able
to do that (at least not with out going to court). Similarly, if you
were looking at buying a house you could check the property records to
see if any liens had been made against the property or if you could
afford to pay the property taxes.