News about W. Richard Stevens ?

[warning: non-operational seas ahead!]

Hot Diggety! On a dark and stormy day, Peter Galbavy was rumored to have said..

It appears from a posting in comp.protocols.tcp-ip that W. Richard
Stevens has passed away. Can anyone confirm if this is the case,
because if it is then many many of us will be very saddened by this
news. I cannot think of any single person who has had so much
influence over my understanding of TCP/IP and UNIX programming.

Unfortunately, from the little follow-up info I have seen on this, it seems
to be indeed true. Must've been rather sudden since he posted to USENET
with an useful tip (as usual) only the day before.

I, too, am sorry to hear of his untimely passing away. I am, however,
fortunate that I had the rare opportunity of meeting him once *and* telling
him in person how much I appreciated the value of his work. Carpe Diem, eh?

My sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and all those who learned
about useful network programming and debugging from him. His TCP/IP Ill.
book suggested some ideas which helped me track down a really irritating
Path MTU Discovery issue, and that more than paid for the book and then
some :slight_smile: