News about the .HT domain

I have no information about the state of the Internet links in Haiti
(everything seems down) but, for the .HT top-level domain, here are a
few news.

.HT has six name servers, four outside of the country. They were not
affected so .HT never had a problem resolving. Main DNS lesson: always
put name servers in very diverse places.

The master was in Port-au-Prince and is unreachable, probably for a
long time. A new (stealth) master has been set up in Australia by
Cocca and the slaves are now reconfigured to use it. Two already do it
and therefore the zone no longer risks expiration (and can even be

You may find information at <>.

% check_soa ht
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Thank you Stephane.

Max Larson Henry who is the technical contact has lost his house nad his
mother in-law. So guys do all you can to have it up and running. Down here
we are working to keep the remaining of the network up and running. But we
might have some energy problem in the coming days.

Reynold Guerrier