newbie howto

ok, so perhaps i'm not a "newbie"...
  the nanog web site indicates that registration opens in midAugust.
  on my calender, 21aug is clearly past the mid-point, yet i see
  no way to register to attend nanog 38.

  has registration filled up?


As you'd be able to see from the last set of SC minutes (if I had remembered to send them to Merit to publish on the web page before just now) Merit are currently user-testing a new registration system which has features that are required to facilitate voting in October.

I don't remember knowing what the original timeline for rollout of that system was, but given the general background business of Merit's NANOG people I would not be surprised to find out that it had slipped from the original target date.

One of the goals of the new system (IIRC) was to make it easier to reuse code for different meetings, which (IIIDRC) ought to make slips less likely in the future.

So no, as far as I know registration has not filled up, and is not open yet, and you can ask for the official word.