New Years Eve

Ok folks, what's the plan? I think we should opt to join each others
company at either Brasserie Jo's, or Blu. I can't speak for Jo's NYE,
but Blu NYE has optional fireworks viewing on their deck facing the
common. Should be pretty awesome. $99 bux.

Significant others invited, of course, and anyone else who may be
straggling on NYE.

Let's do something together. It's long overdue.


Hello Folks:

That would be a slip of the auto-completion function. I can't really
think of how to operationalize NYE so I'll have to apologize instead.

Sorry for the mis-directed email!

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,


Does that mean we're not invited after all? Darn, I'll cancel those flights
I booked :slight_smile: