new version of caida tool for capacity planning/trend analysis

heads up to ISPs into operational measurement
of workload characteristics

cflowd 2.0 code is now available for use in
analyzing export-flows from ciscos
software collects output from cisco's netflow export
then aggregates the data in ISP-engineering relevant ways
    as-to-as matrices ( --> peering engineering)
    net-to-net matrics ( --> peering/routing engineering )
    port and protocol tables ( --> capacity engineering, what traffic is
        your infrastructure supporting,
        how is it changing,
        how much of it elastic/optimizable/
        hyperzealous/cache-able/etc )
    other stuff ( and continually adding features for members,
        plus src available for your own footloose
        entertainment )
cflowd 2.0 is a redesign of cflowd 1.3b2 and
includes arts++ for storage as well as significant
improvements in user interfaces and functionality.
details on the code and mail lists are available
at the website, or by contacting cflowd's
developer, daniel mcRobb, at
think you'll like

always seeking your feedback/experience,