New transit tests

Hi everyone.

This is my first post here in Nanog.
First of all, sorry my bad english -- I'm Brazilian.

We are activating a new transit connection with 40 Mbps and I need to test
it, but here in Brazil all the international transits are weak.
I'm looking for a server that I can download/upload with full speed at New
York or Miami, places that this transit have presence in some NAP/IXP
Can be one url with a file of 1GB 'dd' generated file, but the server need
to have this bandwidth avaliable.

Can someone help me ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Eduardo,

don't expect you will be able to download a single connection at 40Mbps.

Your test will be limited by the latency. You can do some tweak in the
TCP but it will not improve too much considering the latency between
BR and US.

Here are two links which can give you some directions:

./diogo -montagner

With 200ms delay he only needs 1 megabyte of TCP window to reach 40 megabit/s. This is definitely not out of reach in case the transport is loss free.

The world speed record a few years ago was approximately 10 gigabit/s in a single TCP session, I don't know if someone has bested that yet.