New tools from the RA project

Greetings - Just a quick note to let you know about some new tools
available from the Routing Arbiter project. Comments and bug reports
welcome; please send 'em to

A new RADB tool tells you which RADB routes in an AS are duplicated or

  covered by less specific routes in the IRR:

A new tool to generate Internet routing table reports for each NAP

  tells you (1) the maximum number of announced routes in the Route
  Server's routing tables, (2) the complete Internet routing table,
  listed by prefix and associated AS path, as seen by the NAP's Route
  Servers, or (3) the number of routes seen by each Route Server, listed
  by RS peer and origin AS.

  The reports in (2) from the Washington, D.C. NAP (MAE-East) have shown
  some interesting numbers, like 32-bit host announcements and prefixes
  reserved by RFC 1597 (private internet address allocation).

You can now generate NAP route flap reports by RS peer as well as by

  AS origin, prefix, and specific AS: