New Team Cymru IP2ASN whois server

Fellow networkers,

Team Cymru is happy to announce the availability of a public whois
server dedicated to mapping IP numbers to ASNs, located at� You can find the link to this tool at:

This link has been added to our main BGP data page available at:

We have also extended the functionality of this daemon to support BULK
IP submissions for those who wish to further optimize their queries with

Following is a quick overview of how to use it:

$ whois -h <IP>

Where <IP> is replaced by the IP you'd like to map, like so:

$ whois -h
��� ASN |�������������� IP | Name
�� 3356 |��������� | LEVEL3 Level 3 Communications

You can also include port information, and/or timestamps in your
queries.� Be sure to include quotes around your queries, or the daemon
will interpret your request as multiple lines:

$ whois -h " -0600 GMT"
��� ASN |�������������� IP |����������� Info | Name
�� 3356 |��������� |������ -0600 GMT | LEVEL3 Level 3

For instructions on how to submit BULK queries via netcat, simply issue
the following command:

$ whois -h help

We hope you find this tool useful.� Stay tuned for more features!�

If you have any comments or suggestions as to how we might improve this
service, feel free to let us know!

Steve, for Team Cymru