new reverse-DNS generation process at APNIC

Reverse-DNS changes for

61/8, 202/8, 203/8, 210/8, 211/8, 218/8, 219/8, 220/8, 221/8,
2001:0200::/23 and 2001:0C00::/23

APNIC has converted its DNS generation processes to a new system.

This is in preparation for conversion to RPSL based whois services,
as APNIC generates authoritative, and
reverse-DNS records directly from whois information.

This conversion will also improve reverse-DNS services for the IPv4
and IPv6 ranges APNIC has responsibility for, by providing faster
resolution of reverse-DNS lookup, faster termination of lookup for
non-existing domains, and a more stable DNS generation process.

The reverse zone of a /8 for IPv4, or a pair of /24 for IPv6, now
contain all children objects directly, and intermediate zones (which
we used to assert down to the edge resource records in some cases) have
been withdrawn.

For all IPv4 and IPv6 ranges APNIC is authoritative for, the reverse
DNS zones are now generated in a more efficient manner. Updates
will propagate from whois domain objects to DNS more effectively.

At present APNIC re-generates the reverse DNS zones on a 2 hour cycle,
every day, and only increments the zone serial on changes to resource

This is in line with the zonefiles asserted by RIPE NCC and ARIN, and
will provide a more uniform global DNS service in respect of

Kind regards,

  George Michaelson