New Product Launch from 2600hz


Normally I wouldn't bother the respected members of NANOG with a product launch email, but this is such a unique application that I felt it was necessary.

2600hz is saying goodbye to SMS, Voice and even Video. Today we're launching a service we'd like to call BrainRTC. It's going to completely revolutionize communications.

Check it out here:


Joshua Goldbard
VP of Marketing, 2600hz

116 Natoma Street, Floor 2
San Francisco, CA, 94104

Goes in the same category as this bit of news:

IETF Announces IPv4 flag day for 1/1/2014. Today, IETF and IESG jointly announced that IPv4 would no longer be supported on the global internet after 1/1/2014. Those wishing to continue using the internet in 2014 and beyond
should move to IPv6.


Haha, strange this comes out on April 1st

Also same as the http://BXR.SU/ announcement on FreeBSD-hackers@ earlier today.

We've declared 2013-04-04 as an IPv4 day. We'll publish some A
records temporarily on April 4; permanently on April 14; and we will
finally publish IPv4 glue records for on 2013-04-24.

We're concerned that some systems have misconfigured NAT or other
infrastructure, so, we're delaying IPv4 rollout in order to make sure
that our IPv6 customers are not affected by any kind of IPv4 mishaps.



Was this actually posted anywhere. I'm pretty sure it's a joke, but I would like to send it to a vendor who keeps asking when we will need IPv6 support :slight_smile:


Brian Johnson
Converged Network Engineer
CCNP, CCNP Security & MEF-CECP Certified